2017 Sessions

Breakout Sessions: Designed to Help Parents Partner Successfully with Their School-Aged Children for the Road Ahead

Top speakers provide parents real-world information and practical strategies on adolescence and teen behavior, technology’s impact on teens, the keys for middle school success, parenting in the changing landscape of gender, secrets to effective communication, critical learning strategies, conflict resolution, how to parent a thriving athlete, and much more!

Sessions & Speakers

What is Adolescence? A Short Course in the Arc of Adolescent Development (Patricia Contaxis, M.A.)

The ABC’s of Behavior Management (Patricia Contaxis, M.A.)

Technology and Adolescents (Patricia Contaxis, M.A.)

Grown Up Time: Tending to Adult Love Relationships While Raising Kids (Jason Brand)

You, Your Child, and the Digital Screen: Accepting the Challenge (Jason Brand)

STARS: Skills to Achieve Real Success in Middle School and Beyond (Jess Dang and Maryann Molinari)

Gender & the Brain (Jason Baeten)

Body Positive Parenting (Connie Sobczak)

Talking with Kids about Sex BRAVELY/Media: Answering Tough Questions (Anya Manes)

Assist or Insist: Helping Your Child Write(Barbara Joan Tiger Bass)

Demystifying the Tween Brain: Executive Functioning Development in Ages 10-14 (Caroline Gudorf, Ph.D.)

“Is That Me Yelling?” (Rona Renner, RN)

Limit-setting without Guilt: Bootcamp for Parents (Dr. Rachel Zoffness)

Decoding Childhood Stress and Anxiety (Dr. Rachel Zoffness)

Parenting Adventures in the Digital Realm: From Surviving to Thriving (Claudia L’Amoreaux)

Field Guide to Executive Functioning: Jumpstarting your Tween’s Frontal Lobes (Beth Samuelson)

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